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Virgin Hair, Bundle Hair or Bagged Hair

What is virgin hair (bagged hair)?

The origin of the virgin hair (bag hair) that is being sold to a select area is uncertain. Some say it is hair from India while others are saying it is hair from collections in China. On closer look it's evident that this bagged hair has only a simple weft treatment and the poor packaging results in reorganization of lengths and then repackaging the U.S. before being sold. It is called bagged hair because it is originally packaged in plastic bags like what hair was packaged in more than 10 years ago.

Pricing of this hair is priced in three different ways 

Obviously the first would be the length of the hair. The next is the quality of this hair which is made by increments of the letter "A". Similar to the human hair market. Lastly, it is decided by the type of hair and pattern. There are now many types of different hair, but as we all know, 90% of hair comes from Asia. 

From what I have witnessed till this day, most the hair is shortened by anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. If you purchase a 14-16' bundle of hair, most the hair that is packaged will be 14' inches. The quality of the hair is equivalent to the A grade Remy hair. The only difference in the hair is that if you were to have both types of hair, one being a pack of A grade Remy hair and another being a bundle of packaged Indian hair and you were to bend both hairs in the middle, you would find a lot more short excess hair in the bundle of so called Indian hair. That excess hair in a simple bundle can range anywhere from 1' inch to about 10' inches. The excess hair is known to be shortened parts of premium Remy hair that was previously manufactured still making it a good quality hair. Beauticians have been pushing and marketing this hair hard. they can make money when their customers purchasing this hair. Being the fact that about 70% of this hair is now found in salons, that's why it has turned out to be a popular commodity. 

How to select bundle virgin Remy hair

Brand: In recent, some big brands (Janet Collection or Shake N Go...) started to release safe bundle hair. If there is some problem on hair, you can get help from their customer service.
Package and weft condition: Some bundle hair is under no weft condition. Seller said it because it is unprocessed. However, it is very dangerous, because it is unsterilized condition. Sometimes a lice or other bugs appeared in that condition. Therefore, you need to check weft condition and its package. At least, standard package and even weft condition means its quality and sanitization.

You can find safe "Bundle Hair" and EbonicHair.com.
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