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[Review] Transition to Natural Hair

Transition to Natural Hair

In the natural hair care community, transition to natural hair refers to the process of growing out and cutting off hair that is chemically processed in favor of wearing one's own natural hair texture. Natural hair can be fine, curly, course, kinky or some combination of textures. So, before you take the first physical step toward effectively transitioning to your natural hair texture, you must first take a bold and determined mental leap: embrace that your hair is uniquely yours. 
  Once you embrace the beauty and unique quality of your natural hair texture, you can then learn the proper hair care techniques and styles that will ease the transition from relaxed to natural. Practicing the tips and techniques provided in this article can help to preserve the health of your hair during this transition period.

Hair Care during the Transition

Wear Styles that Avoid Heat. Hair transitions more effectively and healthily when exposed to minimal or no heat. These styles include: roller and rod sets, two-strand twists and two-strand twist outs, straw sets and bantu knots. Textured-looking styles (such as those just mentioned) are excellent during the transition to natural hair because it helps to blend your two hair textures (relaxed and natural). These styles, particularly as they age, mimic natural hair styles. 
  Get your Ends Trimmed Every Two Months. Getting your ends trimmed should not be a new concept for us. With relaxed hair, we typically get our ends trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks (when we get our touch-up). Continue to do this! Your hair grows an average of 1/2  inch per month. There-fore, for every 1-inch of new growth at your roots, get that very same amount removed from your ends (about every two months). Continue to get your ends trimmed every two months until you have completely removed all of your relaxed hair (unless you decide to do the 'big chop and cut off all of your relaxed hair at once!) 
  Clipping your ends regularly also helps you to mentally and emotionally 'let go' of your relaxed hair. 
  Shampoo and Condition Your Hair. If you are transitioning by wearing your loose, relaxed hair (no wig, sew-ins or braids), cleanse your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo at least once every one to two weeks. Follow each shampoo with a quality moisturizing conditioner. Finger and/or comb hair while the conditioner is in. Rinse out. If your hair is braided or weaved, cleanse your hair every 4 to 6 weeks, followed by a deep conditioner after removing your ex-tensions (see next note). 
  Deep Condition Your Hair. You should expect shedding, and breakage at the line of demarcation during, your transition, beginning as early as month three. At least once per month, use a quality deep-penetrating conditioner for an intense treatment. Cover using a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse out. 
  Detangling Your Hair. After rinsing out your conditioner, apply a leave-inconditioner throughout the length of the hair shaft. This will moisturize and detangle your new-growth hair. First, finger through your hair to remove the kinks and tangles. Then, gently comb through your hair, moving from the ends to the scalp, gradually detangling your entire hair shaft. -Following these steps will help ease your transition from relaxed to natural hair. For more tips and techniques, visit www.karen-wilsonbeauty.com. Feel free to email photos of you on your transition journey, we'd love to celebrate the transition with you!
This article is transcribed from article of Karen Wilson on Beauty Times.
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