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[Review] The "Edges" Gels vs. Regular Hair Gels

The "Edges" Gels vs. Regular Hair Gels

Ethnic hair product manufacturers have found a unique niche by marketing hair gel that focuses on its ability to tame unruly edges. "Edges," or the hairline, can be troublesome to style, as with African-textured hair, hairs along the hairline are significantly shorter and extremely fragile. Because it is difficult to maintain a soft and even-look along this area, women often vigorously brush or use a heat appliance to straighten or smooth the baby hair along the edges. In both instances, the already fragile hair weakens and breaks. Other kinds of tension, like frequent braiding and twisting, can also help weaken the hairs along the hairline resulting in permanent damages at times. For women who use relaxers, the hairline reveals a visible sign of new hair growth (unprocessed hair). So, while the rest of the hair may look smooth and straight, the hairline may look coarse. The "Edgesgels offer a convenient, inexpensive, and very effective solution to laying down the rough hairs along the edges.


While most types of hair gel can be used to help control wiry, flyaway, and rough edges, the "Edges" gels have proven to be the most desirable, as they provide longer lasting hold and a smoother and more even-looking finish. The "Edgesgels, as compared to the typical hair gels, are usually ringing gels with a more concentrated and thicker formula. The easiest way to distinguish a ringing gel from others is by the look and the feel of it. The most common use of the "Edges" gels by women of color is for controlling and smoothing their edges. Women with short cuts and styles that expose the hairline, including pulled back styles like ponytails, could benefit the most from it. Because of their holding power, the "Edgesgels leave the hairline looking smooth, straight, sleek and polished.

The best "Edgesgels are those that contain no alcohol, do not cause flaking or stiffness, have a less tacky feel, and that are smooth enough to be used all over the hair (not just the edges). These attributes are healthier options that help prevent damage and build-up on the hair and scalp. If the gels leave hair stiff, breakage can occur during combing or brushing. Consumers can also benefit from the "Edgesgels formulated with natural or organic conditioning ingredients that offer healthier benefits for damage-free styling. Although the "Edgesgels can be more expensive, they deliver exactly what consumers want- the longer lasting smoothness and control.

This article is transcribed from article of Dwan V. White on BNB Magazine.

Via Natural Edges Gels - New Arrival!

Universal Beauty Products, Inc. is introducing a new line of product that will make dam-aged or dull hair revitalized and healthy again. The new line called Via Natural Edge Gels is comprised of three products: Edge Gel, Pom-Edge Gel, and X2- Edge Gel. Available in portable two ounce (2 oz) jars, Via Natural Edge Gels are a unique trio of styling and finishing items specifically formulated to hold, smooth, polish and moisturize the edges. These products have been specifically developed to cater to the various needs of consumers.
• Via Natural Edge Gel are enhanced with weightless ingredients to deliver continuous hold, defined style and a glossy shine without oily residue.
• Via Natural X2- Edge Gel combines sheer ingredients for maximum hold, intensely brilliant shine and no flaking.
• Via Natural Pom-Edge Gel gel is a versatile styling tool for any hair, natural, curly, or wavy hair, and gives a feather-light hold, enhanced waves, and great shine while reducing frizz.

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