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Shampoos and conditioners are staples of just about hair care every product line. They form the foundation for most systems, and just about every woman, regardless of race, ethnicity, hair type or texture uses them. As it relates to consumer purchasing decisions, shampoos are often thought of as having lower involvement. While they are important in the maintenance regimen, many women tend to make repeat purchases of their favorite shampoo, and occasionally, venture out to try something new. 

conditioners have greater involvement. There are many more choices, more benefits to consider, varying price points and expectations. With so many possibilities, how can OTC staff recommend what conditioner is right for their customer? To answer this, you must first sort through the different types of conditioners and why they are used. 

The most common Marketing terms used to describe 
conditioners include: Deep, Leave-In, Rinse-Out, Dual, Reconstructive and Moisturizing. Most conditioners contain ingredients that do not completely rinse out, bonding to the hair to deliver a needed benefit. In their most basic form, the best conditioners alter the hair's texture, leaving it softer and easier to manage. 

Choosing the right type of 
conditioner depends on the user's current hair type, texture and what they expect from the end result. Relaxed and natural hair both require a good moisture balance, which can be achieved, in part, through regular, deep conditioning after shampooing. Deep conditioners  followed by leave-in conditioning treatments, significantly help. Hair that is subjected to frequent heat styling, as well as styles that pull on the hair (like braiding and twisting), need reconstructive conditioning. This type of manipulation, during styling, causes hair strands to weaken, cuticles to raise and chronic dryness to occur. Moisture has to be put back in the hair, and damaged strands must be repaired. Good reconstructive conditioners offer these benefits. For normal hair textures and types, dual, rinse-out and leave in conditioners help to maintain a healthy moisture balance, soften the hair and help keep it manageable in between shampoos. 


In addition to trying to resolve a problem, women also consider their choice of conditioners based on the ingredients. Finer hair textures may opt for light-weight 
conditioners that contain more water-based humectants, versus women with thicker, coarser textures, who select conditioners that offer more natural oils. Regardless of hair texture, when conditioners are not used, hair has a rough, dry, stripped feeling. Conditioners are essential for softening and manageability. Some of the most popular ingredients in conditioners, especially for ethnic women, include Olive Oil, Tea-Tree Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Keratin and Wheat Protein. These ingredients are perceived as having good, healthy benefits, and are natural. 

Women tend to explore a variety of 
conditioners and will pay more for conditioners than shampoos. This presents a great opportunity for OTC staff to introduce consumers to new or different ones. OTC's should always ask their distributor for manufacturer samples. The most typical samples, readily available, are of conditioners and leave-in maintenance treatments. Engaging a consumer about her hair texture and the results she desires from conditioning, can open the door to further exploration of different products, which can lead to more sales.
This article is transcribed from article of Dwan V. White on BNB Magazine.
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