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[Review] French Braid and Braiding Hair Products - Nov 7

French Braid and Braiding Hair Products

Last time I reviewed English Braid or basic 3-strand braid. Did you try it? Today I will review on French Braid and introduce relating products. Many Celebrities show off their hair style with French Braid. Rihanna braided beautifully her reddish hair. Kate Hudson did her hair with mixing French Braid with lace style.


The French braid starts at the top of the skull and continues down the back. It's a great option when you want to keep your hair completely off of your face and out of the way. It also works for more formal occasions such as parties. Make a French braid by gathering a small section of hair at the top of the skull and dividing it into three sections. Bring the right section over the center, then the left section over the center. Add a small amount, about a 1/2-inch section of hair, to the section on the right, then bring it over the middle section. Add a 1/2-inch section of hair to the section on the left, then bring it over the middle. Continue braiding, adding 1/2-inch sections of hair to each section until you reach the nape of the neck and all the hair has been divided into the three sections. Braid hair as you would for an English braid, then secure with a hair elastic.

If you are skillful at this braiding, you can apply this knot to any position on head. The well braided hair with French style is shown below (left). Amanda Seyfried braided classic French style (middle) and Kourtney Kardashian modified French Braid with lace style (right).
In recent, Equal (Luxury Synthetic Hair Brand of Shake N Go) released various application products with braiding hair. Among them, Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Miranda is representative French Braiding hair products.

The detailed information is as follows,

  • Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Miranda
  • Category: Lace Front Wig / Braid Wig
  • Brand: Equal
  • Hair Type: FUTURA Synthetic Hair
  • Length: 14~16 inch
  • Style: French Braid / Loose Curl
Another product French Braid Hair Product is lace front wig Maci. The detailed information is as follows,

  • Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Miranda 
  • Category: Lace Front Wig / Braid Wig 
  • Brand: Equal 
  • Hair Type: FUTURA Synthetic Hair 
  • Length: 12~14 inch 
  • Style: French Braid / Loose Curl 


You can meet various Braiding Hair Products on EbonicHair.com.
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