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Fruitful Information for Hair Braiding and Extensions (1)

Hair Braiding and Extensions

There are numerous reasons why people may be reluctant to have their hair braided. For the most part, anyone with healthy or slightly damaged hair that is long enough to grasp (at least one inch) can wear his or her hair braided without fear of it falling out. An individual who has badly damaged, weak hair should consult a hair specialist prior to having their hair braided. However, have no fear. Work with your damaged hair, conditioning it regularly and trimming all damaged ends. Braids work wonders on concealing uneven ends and actually help promote growth since chemical relaxers and daily combing are not required.
Below are listed the most common given reasons why women refuse to wear braids. The most common fallacy is people believing that braids cannot be shampooed. Braided hair must definitely be shampooed; however, care must be taken, especially with cornrow hairstyles.


My hair is too short.If your hair is at least an inch long, it is not too short Braids are becoming at any length.

I can't wear them at the job. Employers are not realizing that braids are here to stay Avoid gaudy beads and sloppily braided hair. Your hair is an essential part of your daily grooming.

Permed hair can't be braided.Yes, it can. Avoid tightly braided styles. Perms do tend to weaken the hair; however, if a competent hairdresser has been caring for your hair, there is no reason why it can't be braided.

My face is too fat.As with any other hairstyle, you will have to experiment until you find a style that compliments your facial contour.

Braids are too casual.When was the last time you looked in fashion magazines? Braids are extremely versatile. Entertainers have been wearing them for years. (Stevie Wonder, Cecily Tyson, Valerie Simpson-Ashford, Roberta Flack, to name a few).

Braids are for the younger women but I'm over forty. You're never too young or too old to wear braids. There are literally hundreds of braided hairstyles to choose from. Find a classic style. Don't attempt to wear the same style your teenage daughters are wearing unless you feel comfortable with it.

My hair is too fine.Many customers have fine hair and they enjoy wearing braids.

My hair is too straight.Straight hair can be braided successfully; however, the ends may need to be secured.

My hair is too thin.A lot of scalp may not look appealing; nonetheless, you do have the option of having additional hair braided into your own known as "extensions." This would eliminate thinness.

My hair will fall out. Braiding your hair will not cause it to fall out. If it does, chances are it was falling out before it was braided. Braided hair requires a minimum of daily care. Approximately 200 to 300 strands of hair are normally shed daily. If excessive hair loss is experience, consult a dermatologist or licensed cosmetologist. 


This Article is transcribed from article of Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau on BNB Magazine.

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