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Cuticle Remi/Remy Hair and Care Products

Cuticle Remi/Remy Hair and Care Products

Characteristics of Remi/Remy Hair
1. Remi Hair’s Cuticle is alive
2. Remi Hair’s Cuticle is aligned to face the same direction
3. Remi Hair is made from healthy hair, allowing it to be reused after washing
Remi Hair comes in two different texture
- Medium Texture Remi Hair is similar to that of Asian hair, resistant and straight. - Fine Texture Remi Hair is similar to that of Caucasian hair, thin yet high in density and more on the wavy, curly side.

Like I have mentioned above, the main feature of Remi Hair lies in its Cuticle, so what is the hair cuticle?

The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It is a hard shingle-like layer of overlapping cells, from five to fifteen layers deep. The scales formed give the hair shaft added strength to provide protection and defense against all forms of damage and cuticles have a strong affinity with oil and are extremely resistant as well.

Cuticles make up about 10 to 15% of the entire hair and much of the strength and shine of hair is due to the healthiness of the cuticle, therefore, hair's level of damage can be determined by the level of porosity in the cuticle.

In the hair industry, the statement "cuticle is alive" is in reference to the healthiness of the hair and the key point is to have cuticles facing the same direction in order to closely resemble natural hair. As previously mentioned, Chinese Remi Hair tends to be thick, strong, and straight while Indian Remi Hair is thin, resistant, and usually wavy or curly.

Therefore, Chinese Remi Hair's Curly Pattern is through processing and Indian Remi Hair's Straight Style is due to processing as well but with heat and both types of hair still possesses the highest quality, which is why Remi Hair is commonly known as Special Hair.

Cuticle also acts as a protective barrier for the softer inner structure Cortex, located between the hair cuticle and the medulla and the cortex makes up about 80 to 90% of the entire hair. The color of a person's hair depends on what type of melanin is also found in the cortex and hair's elasticity is also determined by the cortex. Since Color, Perm, Thermal Iron Styling, as well as Wet Set chemical processes all take place within the cortex it is considered as the determining factor behind an individual's hair texture.

That is why cortex's healthiness is extremely important and while cortex determines the final result of a chemical process, cuticle is the initial protective barrier, equally as important.

In a nutshell, we have gone over the overall characteristics of Remi Hair and the structures, functions, and the importance of the Cuticle and the Cortex. Now we will turn our attention to why it is important to use Special Hair Care Products and the reason is simple - because the hair's condition is different. Remi Hair is not coarse like the typical Extension products that are sold, and that is why the average hair care products are not sufficient to provide the right for Remi Hair

Usually, hair care products targeted towards the Ethnic are developed to treat coarse texture hair and have a tendency to weigh down the hair with access oils and even in some cases, strip the hair away of its natural moisturizing agents. Then what about the hair care products geared towards the Caucasian market?

In a sense, Caucasian hair care products are better suited for Remi Hair than Ethnic products because extension hair is usually made from Asian or Caucasian hair. Therefore, Caucasian hair care products provide the necessary nutrients to the hair but since most hair products have been chemically processed either through coloring or straightened and curled, it is not Virgin hair anymore; therefore, they require additional protective, nourishing and moisturizing agents.

When choosing a Hair Care Product for the extension hair, it is important to take all the following points into consideration: the quality, texture, and natural pattern of the hair as well as protecting it from heat styling, making it manageable on a daily basis, providing it with essential nourishments, etc.

8 important points when choosing the good Remi Hair care product
1. Versatility: exceptional result on all kinds of hair
2. Moisturizing: treatment for itchy scalp & dry hair
3. Non-sticky formula: no messy residue or buildup
4. Brilliant shine: enhance color & healthiness of hair
5. PH balanced: stabilize the hair back to original state
6. Essential nutrients: protect & guard while revitalizing
7. Static protection: prevent split ends and tangling of hair
8. No-Tangle formula: increase manageability and comfort

Simply put, Remi Hair care products are perfectly formulated to satisfy African American, Caucasian, and even Asian hair and should be recommended to trend seeking customers who are looking for a product that will not weigh their hair down, add a healthy bounce, and provide a natural look.

You can find Cuticle Remy Hair and Remy Care Products at EbonicHair.com.

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